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Since our project is process-oriented, our dissemination activities will be realized in a way that will have an impact in the short and long term. The dissemination of the results from this project is of great importance in terms of creating digital classes and resonating in institutions with their equipped staff. 

The target group of dissemination activities is all school stakeholders, including students and teachers. However, universities, public and civil organizations operating for education are among the target groups where we will deliver the project results. 

Dissemination activities will be carried out in a planned and coordinated manner at all stages of the project, with the participation of the project owner and all partners. 
The project partners will carry out the dissemination activities at the micro-level in their own institutions. Staff, members, volunteers and their relatives, other persons and institutions that are stakeholders of the institution are the target group of these activities. 

In middle-level dissemination activities, project partners will work to integrate the project results into the educational cultures of their respective countries. Joint works with public and private institutions and NGOs on education will be carried out. 

In macro-level dissemination activities, efforts will be made to take the project results into account by the European Commission and the European policymakers through Scientix platform, STEM DISCOVERY WEEK and all contests developed during this time. 

Attention will be given to the following issues in dissemination studies. 
* Agreed realistic goals with partners to monitor progress 
* Dissemination activities will be compatible with the main stages of the project 
* Flexibility to meet the needs of the target group 
* To detail how and to whom to disseminate dissemination and usage outputs 
* Expected effects and outputs will be defined. While the project works continue, attention will be given to the following issues related to the dissemination works
* The dissemination plan will be updated with up-to-date information on the project and results 
* Contact with the press at local, national and international level 
* Regular activities such as information sessions, training, presentations will be held.* Effects on target groups will be evaluated  We will use the following ways in the dissemination activities: The EU Dissemination platform project web site (in 7 languages),eTwinning SEG,meetings and visits with key stakeholders,targeted information sessions, presentations, press releases and statements, seminars,TV and radio broadcasts,the project is in the spotlight,the film will be opened for the project social media pages, and platforms of the partners, project logos, banners, brochures, project Journal, project, stand, interview, Project Board, project, and national agency with the logo of pens, hats, glass, magnet, the results of the project links existing platform and networks.

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