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C1: IWB GO: Turkey is the landlord for 7 days. LTT subject: IWB (Total 14 students 9 teachers)

Mobility Date: 22 November-26 November 2021

Introduction to IWB

  • Introduction to IWB: The history and general introduction of the smart board used in schools in Turkey

    Fundamentals of IWB: Physical, technical structure and features of smart board

    Using the Materials in the Teaching Process with the LCD Panel Interactive Board

    • TOPICS

      • Installing and Using the IWB Equipment, using and connecting the equipment to be installed in the IWB
      • LCD Panel Using the IWB software, turning on and starting the IWB, setting the picture and sound 
      • Using the Materials in the Teaching Process with the LCD Panel Interactive Board
      • General principles of material use
      • Material user manual
      • The use of pictures in the teaching process 
      • Use of pictures, videos and animations in the teaching process

      Creating an interactive lesson plan in IWB

      • TOPICS:

        • The use of simulation in the teaching process
        • The use of games in the teaching process
        • Some tips and ideas for creating fun lesson activities for students 
        • Additional supporting materials/resources to develop a 15-minute lesson in the IWB.
        • Lesson Planning at IWB
        • Presentation of the designed lesson using LCD panel interactive board

        IWB lecture presentation

        • TOPICS:

          Making lesson presentations on the LCD panel interactive whiteboard: Each country school will transfer the 15-minute lesson they designed to the other participants via the interactive board.

          • Turkey IWB lecture presentation 
          • Lecture presentation with Romanian IWB
          • Lecture presentation with the Polish IWB
          • Lecture presentation with Italy IWB
          • Lecture presentation with Bulgarian IWB

          Cultural activities

          • TOPICS:

            • Cultural Night
            • Keskin District Sulu Cave and Hacı Taşan Cultural Center trip
            • Dinek Mountain and Safari Park, Çeşnigir Bridge Trip
            • Kırıkkale Oba Village Trip
            • Breakfast Motivation, Morning Sport, Games
            First Day in Turkey

            It started with the speech of our school principal and the project opening meeting. Project introduction presentation and Kırıkkale presentation presentation were made to all participants. Afterwards, our students made a school tour and introduced our school to our guests. Afterwards, the guest countries made introductory presentations about their schools and countries. In the afternoon program, we made presentations on the history of smart boards, the place and usage examples of smart boards in education, "What is Fatih Project?", "History of Fatih Project" within the scope of Interactive White Boards training.

            Second Day in Turkey

            On the second day, icebreaking activitiea, Smart Board Training and Applications, Antropy Teach application presentations were made. After Kırıkkale BİLSEM school visit, the Keskin Stone School Turkish Culture Night event was attended. An event that reflects the musical culture of our region and is highly appreciated by our guests was held here by the Taşan brothers.

            Third & Fourth Day in Turkey

            We visited Ankara Anıtkabir with our guests. After visiting the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and watching the changing of the guards, we visited the museum. After the Anıtkabir visit, a free tour in Kızılay was followed by a visit to Hamamönü and a tour of historical Ankara houses.

            After sports and icebreaking games, smart board education and applications, EBA, EBA Academy, Mebbis, e-school applications were introduced. After the cultural promotions by Poland and Bulgaria, the certificate ceremony was held. Musical activities were held by cutting the project closing cake.

            Fifth Day in Turkey

            Participants were taken to Cappadocia, the most popular tourist attraction of our region. Some of the guests, who were informed about pottery making in Avanos, experienced the opportunity to make their own pots. After visiting the magnificent underground city and valleys, the guests who made an ATV tour accompanied by the sunset finished the last day in a fun way.

            After the five-day program, the participants left to return to their countries.

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