Erasmus Digi School 2018 – 2020

About the project

Our project will focus on developing teaching activities that use ICT resources. We will seek the ways to streamline the learning process using computers and handheld devices. Teachers together with students will create slides, tutorials and videos from various fields of study. These tools will be shared through eTwinning. 
We will inform about various ICT innovations through websites and an e-magazines created by free software.



  • Students will use mobile devices and the applications correctly.
  • Integration of ICT technologies into the teaching process gives students the opportunity to enhance their interaction with teachers and instructors and encourages their collaboration.
  • Nowadays most students use mobile devices like tablets and smartphones to play the games. We will show them how to use these tools for effective learning.
  • To integrate the project into the education plans in Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry and Foreign Languages
  • To develop oral and written English skills
  • To develop ICT skills through active use of various software and platforms
  • To apply the knowledge of ICT in real life
  • To develop students’ creativity and critical thinking



  • Introduction, January 2019
  • Creation of simple demonstrations and presentations for various learning disciplines, June 2019
  • School competitions, preparation of websites, e-magazines and software applications, December 2019
  • The program can be extended to the next period.



The project should result in strengthening of students’ knowledge and skills in Mathematic, Physic, Chemistry, Biology as well as in English. Pupils will learn how to use free software. The project should lead students to greater creativity. It will extend diversity in learning styles and facilitate distance learning with online courses, exercises and tests.
The project could help students choose a future study focus and prepare them for their future career.