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Technology is seen by many educators, teachers and researchers as an indicator of high quality in education. Therefore, in order to raise individuals who reach and use information, teachers should be able to use technological tools effectively and have these abilities. Basically, the subject of our project is based on how we can keep up with information and communication technologies and web2.0 tools integrated into teaching and learning techniques as our school and partners.

Our trainers in our institutions, which have been established as a project partnership with many activities during our project, will increase their professional capacities by developing technology-based innovative teaching methods and ICT tools such as WEB 2.0, coding, IWB, web design, STEAM, by improving themselves by observing on-site training in Europe. We aim to increase their capacity, exchange innovative applications among partners and compare them.



Our participants will be able to create their own e-learning materials by using individual communication applications to increase their educational development. They will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to create and implement e-learning platforms. They will learn to motivate their students and replace their 'traditional' teaching approaches with new and modern approaches that guarantee high-quality results.

Open education resources (OER), Prezi, Kahoot, Socrative, web design, IWB programs, coding, online meeting, Microsoft tools (Minecraft, Teams, Micro:bit, Sway)cloud technologies, content management systems, file sharing,testi ng, survey interactive presentations and lessons will be given later using web2. Our teachers will be able to improve their education by providing e-learning platforms such as open education resources and learning environments, which are widely used in Europe and worldwide, in their own education, by improving their education and teaching activities in their institutions.

Participants are critical thinking, collaboration, use of new technologies in education, creativity and education, skills such as innovative thinking will develop. By controlling their personal and professional competencies, they will gain confidence in dealing with social and cultural differences.

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