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Today I had the pleasure and honor of making the institutional greeting and welcoming with a warm welcome a group of students visiting Assisi with the Erasmus project, accompanied by the teachers of the Orfini Institute in Foligno. From the Piazza del Comune, dominated by the Temple of Minerva, we guided them to discover the underground Roman city. They come from Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey, countries that are close to the war scene. This is why meeting in Assisi today, from various parts of Europe, was very important and significant. Together we wished for peace, savoring the beauty of being together and discovering the wonders of our city of Assisi.


The group picture in front of the Minerva Temple and the Welcome post from the city Mayor after our visit in Assisi.

In the current dramatic situation, characterized by fears that we believed to have been historically overcome, this initiative appears as a small but significant sign of hope".The school does not stop. Since last Friday a colorful and captivating poster stands out in front of Orfini school in Foligno: it is the special welcome that the school has reserved to the five delegations of students and teachers from five European countries (Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland and France) visiting the Institute from 14 to 18 March, as part of the Meeting organized for Erasmus KA229 'Innovative Digitalized Schools' project.
The project aims to encourage and support change and innovation in the teaching-learning process, through the competent and conscious use of communication technologies. Orfini school uses all the know-how acquired in the field of coding, that is the ability to give instructions and program computers or other automated systems, and of robotics, a field of study of growing prestige for the school itself and which has been crowned by the elaboration of a robot capable of performing complex tasks.
The program is full of activities and initiatives, and alternates training sessions, workshops, visits and excursions in the area, with the aim to let partners know and appreciate the naturalistic, artistic and gastronomic excellence of our region.
In the current dramatic situation, characterized by fears that we believed by now historically overcome, this initiative appears as a small, but significant, sign of hope. The school has always been a defense of justice, solidarity and tolerance and, especially in a historical situation like the present one, it cannot abdicate its role; culture, learning and sharing of knowledge have always been the foundation of a healthy society and the guarantee for a peaceful future.

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