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We have created a student magazine No. 2

Together, our students have created a new issue of the magazine “What’s new in ICT”.


Erasmus booklet

We create websites. Here are examples:

Ceske Budejovice

Lünen. Cyber bullying meeting with students and the police.

Girkalnis. Technology, friend or enemy.

Karaman. Discussion about technology.

Lünen. Anti bullying week.

Fight against cyberbullying and grooming. No more!

Let’s take a look at this video.

Shared from BBC News

Websites – Lithuania and Erasmus +

In computer science lessons we learn how to create websites, partly in Czech / partly in English :).

Here is a sample: With Erasmus + in Lithuania.

https://erasmus-litva0.webnode.cz/ or  https://litva7.webnode.cz/

Our next work is in eTwinning https://live.etwinning.net/projects/project/185566.

Meeting – Cyberspace and security – Ceské Budejovice

Social networks and applications in mobile phones can connect people of different ages with their accessibility, but they also pose a danger. It is important to see the difference between the virtual and the real world. We encounter the risks that these new technologies create and which can never be completely ruled out. It is only a matter of time before a technology user encounters a problem in cyberspace. All this was discussed at this event. (Class 1.A)

We created a student magazine

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